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Recommended Reading List

The Bible

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration - Weston Price, DDS

The Cortisol Connection - Talbott

Who Get's Sick - Justice

The Body Electric - Becker and Selden

Life Energy - Diamond

Empty Harvest - Jensen

Easy Way's to Stop Smoking - Carr

Treating Food Allergy - Walsh

Your Drug May Be Your Problem - Breggin

Pain Free - Egoscue

Full Catastrophe Living - Kabat-Zinn

Happiness is a Choice - Kaufman

Finding Your Way Home - Beattie

Eat Fat, Lose Weight - Fallon

The Miracle of Natural Hormones - Brownstein

Earthing - Ober

The Infertility Cure - Lewis

It's Not About The Bike - Jenkins and Armstrong

Beyond Antibiotics - Schmidt

The Paleo Solution - Wolf

Good Foods, Bad Foods - DeCava

Aspergers Syndrome - Attwood

Instant Emotional Healing - Lambrou

The Personal Feng Shui Manual - Chuen

Good News for People Who Hurt - Hall

Dangerous Grains - Braly

Deadly Emotions - Colbert

Playbook - Grabhorn 

Reveresing Heart Disease - Ornish

The Verbally Abusive Relationship - Evans

The Doctor Patient Handbook - Jensen

What the Bible Says About Healthy Living - Russell

Lick The Sugar Habit - Appleton

Why do I Need Whole Food Supplements - Medford

Expect A Miracle - Hinwood

Selling Sickness - Moynihan