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About Our Practice

Specializing in Creating Balance in Mind, Body and Soul through Natural Healthcare 


Alternative Health Center of The Woodlands provides natural and holistic wellness care to The Woodlands,  Houston and beyond for families and athletes.  We specialize in applied kinesiology,  clinical and functional whole food, and sports chiropractic to approach each individual and athlete holistically.  We work together to provide you with the most comprehensive health care experience. Your health and wellness is our top focus, and we are delighted to offer you the latest healing techniques to achieve optimal health, such as ChiropracticAcupunctureSports RehabilitationActive Release TherapyNeuroemotional TechniqueClinical NutritionCold Laser TherapyPhysical MedicineApplied Kinesiology, massage therapy, coaching and more!

Our goal is to help our patients create healthier lives by providing integrative therapies that promote wellness from within, in a warm, friendly, and healing environment. Often times, our patients may initiate care in our office to address a specific health concern, but then realize that optimal health and wellness becomes a way of life. By optimizing your holistic health, you will feel re-energized, revitalized and a whole.

We’d love to meet you. If you’re ready to change your health and change your life, call our office today and make an appointment. Dr. Clouthier’s office has grown almost exclusively by referral over 20 years which is a great testament to the care you will receive.



Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic adjustments increase mobility and decrease pain while improving nervous system balance and control of your whole physiologic system.
Kinesiology Taping
This rehabilitative taping technique helps with body’s natural healing process and provides support and stability to muscles and joints.
Cold Laser Therapy
Cold laser therapy is a form of treatment that involves the use of a low intensity laser to address pain and inflammation.
Massage Therapy
Various Massage Techniques such as deep tissue, sport massage, Reika and more.
Functional Nutritional Therapy
Functional nutrition uses functional lab testing, symptoms, and questionnaires to get to the root causes of health complaints.  Lab testing can include blood, saliva, stool, urine and bloodspot testing. 
Functional Nutrition
This addresses the unique factors contributing to your health, including biochemistry, toxic exposures, imbalances and genetic determinants.
Allergy Testing
Food allergy testing and allergy desensitization.
Our Mission Statement
"To serve God and mankind by laying hands on and adjusting as many diseased people as possible and helping them to heal the body, mind and spirit"

Our Team

Dr. Stephen Clouthier


Shonda Sparks

Patient Coordinator

Gina Johnson

Massage Therapist

Bonnie Palmer

Patient Coordinator

Joanna Martini

Practice Manager

Nicole Malesky

Patient Coordinator


Happy Patients

“Not only am I a patient of Dr. Clouthier’s, I have been so helped that I started working for Dr. Clouthier, too. Since working for Dr. Clouthier, I’ve changed my diet and my life. I have lost 70 pounds and I’ve never been happier. You will love Dr. Clouthier." 


I"I really enjoyed my experience here.  Doctor Clouthier was easy to talk to and he addressed every single concern I had.  What I especially love is that he wasn't quick to tell me what was wrong but was thoroughly listening to the concerns I had and did the testing ne needed to do.  I also appreciated their respect of my time.  They saw me quickly  and I didn't wait long before the Doctor came in.  The receptionists were also very kind and sweet and were also very knowledgeable and helpful.  Overall greast experience."

- Pearl

"Everyone here is fantastic ! The staff is so kind and accomodating.  My son has been suffering with sickness since he was born.  Dr. Clouthier started him on supplements and a chiropractic protocol.  After 4 weeks he is already responding positively ! His immune system is responding and he is growing !! I am so thankful and grateful."

- Natalie

"In preparation for my second Ironman, I relied on Dr. Clouthier not just for chiropractic needs but for my overall health. In February 2018 I received some abnormal lab work to include elevated cortisol levels that affected my thyroid and adrenal functions. As an average endurance athlete who eats semi-healthy and works out frequently, this was a bit disturbing. The last thing I wanted was to take prescription drugs to mask the problem. Dr. Clouthier patiently educated me on more natural options for treatment and I began a supplement regimen with a specific dosage to address my issues. Within a few short months, my adrenal gland functions improved allowing me to ween off some of the vitamins. I have also seen an increase in energy, improvements with my skin tone and am over 10 lbs lighter. I can’t thank Dr. Clouthier and his staff at Alternative Health Center of The Woodlands enough for going above and beyond to care for me. Today, I am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been thanks to them."

- Ashley

“My three year old daughter was hyper active, couldn’t focus. She was a spinning top! Dr. Clouthier helped us to regulate her blood sugar through diet. In about three weeks, it was like we had a new child. It was almost miraculous. We are so grateful for Dr. Clouthier’s help. I don’t know what we would have done without it."


"I have known Steve for 10 year.  He has helped my family since I was pregnant with our first child who is now 9.  From pregnancy adjustments and new mommy concerns, to nutritional and structural help - to sanity checks at various stages of motherhood, marriage and life.  He is a wealth of natural health knowledge and a resource I live by and will continue to rely on in the future !  My whole family has benefitted from his practice.

- Joanne

"I love this place !  My family and I come here for all our health needs.  I get adjustments every two weeks because I play a ton of tennis.  It helps keep my body injury free.  Also, I tend to be much healthier with regular care.  I have been coming for over 10 year.  Highly recommended !  Dr. Clouthier and the staff are super nice."

- Kim

"Highly recommended for athletes looking to stay healthy and injury free"

- Aubrey

“My low back pain had become debilitating. It’s a constant issue for me. Dr. Clouthier has helped not only my back, but my dance form, too. I am a better and stronger dancer with Dr. Clouthier’s help.”



" First visit but it was all good.  Update: I have been back for several visits now for NET, nutritional needs and adjustments.  I have never waited longer than 5 minutes, and Dr. Clouthier is always profressional and courteous.  Most importantly, his expertise has helped me gain back my physical and emotional health.  I would recommend him to any and all who are looking for a chiropractor or and alternative to traditional medicine."

- Hahn

"I've been coming her for almost two years now.  The staff is great, profressional and very helpful.  Dr. Clouthier definitely helped me get back to 100% after my injury Great place.  I would recommend to any and everyone"

- Kristopher

"Dr. Clouthier has been a huge part of my health care for 17 years now.  He is knowledgeable, kind, wiling to research and overall a wonderful chiropractor and person.  His staff rocks too !"

- Katie


Contact Us

Our Address

2829 Technology Forest Blvd. Suite # 250

The Woodlands, TX 77381


Tel: 281-419-9104/ Fax: 281-419-8887

Business Hours

Monday –  9:00 AM– 5:30 PM

Tuesday- 9:00 AM- 4:45 PM

Wednesday- 9:00 AM- 4:45 PM

Thursday- 9:00 AM- 5:30 PM

Friday- 9:00 AM- 1:45 PM

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Business hours/lunch hours may vary so please call 

ahead to verify scheduled business hours.

Massage Therapy Business Hours

Tuesday- 9:00 AM- 4:45 PM

Thursday- 9:00 AM- 5:30 PM